Friday 24 May 2013

White Floral Skater Dress

I recently purchased a dress from the Jolie Moi range at Dorothy Perkins. I used to be a total dressaholic and would buy a new dress for every occasion but as I'm trying to save I have reined myself in a bit. A night out for my boyfriends birthday is a good excuse for a new frock though  :) This is the one I choose
This dress with the black and white flowers is perfect for the summer season and the black mesh details smartened it up.  I also love that it's quite 50s inspired. 
We have had beautiful sunshine in beautiful Pembrokeshire today I  so I got a chance to model it in the garden.
As the dress is monochrome I wanted to inject a bit of colour into the outfit so will be wearing my coral shoes from peacocks 
I really love this dress, the material doesn't feel cheap which I have found with other dresses of the same style.  I did have to team it with a plain black belt as due to the "outy" style of the skirt  it can make you look bigger than you are so the belt helps to cinche in the waist.
It is also a bit on the short side. I'm 5'2 and always have to get my dresses shorted but this was fine without any altering but not sure how it would be on a taller girl.
I can't wait to put this on again for Saturday night :) 

The dress retails at £29 a great price for a very pretty, good quality dress.
I purchased this with my own money and am not being sponsored for this post. 

Graze Breakfast Club Review

Good Evening, I write to you whilst enjoying a lovely bowl of porridge. I know it's traditionally a breakfast food but I'mnot much of a breakfast girl. 
As you will see from my previous post I am a big fan of the Graze snack box so when I got a email asking if I wanted to try their new breakfast boxes (for free no less) - that was a easy yes. It is a new breakfast range they have launched which consists of 8 different porridges.  The concept is the same as the graze snack boxes were you can rate the punnets "yes please" or "no thanks" 
Out of the 8 flavours I only rejected one which was fig and blueberry only because I dislike figs but I was so excited to see what would come in my box.

Tonight's porridge was Hazelnut and Flame Raisin. It was so easy to make, they recommend using a punnet and a half of milk which made the perfect consistency for me - when I've made porridge before I've been too lazy to measure and its been a bit hit and miss so the simplicity of this was great. 
Taste wise I did think it was a bit bland at first but that seemed to improve by the end. Hazelnut is one of my favourite flavours so I was a little bit disappointed that the taste was quite discreet but the flame raisins were amazing and I don't usually like raisins. Liking it so far Graze! I want to try the next one in the morning so I can test how well it keeps morning hunger at bay. 
So it is now the next day and I've decided to go mad and try the porridge in the morning. I've gone for blueberry and lingonberry today.
I was a bit disappointed in this one, as with yesterday's porridge it did have quite a bland taste at the start but it didn't seem to improve on this one. My next two punnets come with honey so I'm hoping for an improvement with those ones and then I will know to add honey to all for an improved taste. It did keep hunger at bay until lunchtime though :) 

It is a couple of days later and I've woken up early enough for breakfast for once and opted for the apple and cinnamon today
I did complain that the other porridges were a bit bland but this one came with honey and totally redeemed itself. The taste was great, loved the apple, cinnamon and honey taste explosion together. Without a doubt the best of the box so far and this would encourage me to get up early enough for  breakfast ;) 
It is a sad day today, the last of my porridges from my current graze breakfast box. The flavour today is blackcurrant and cranberry.
If you love berries you will love this porridge. Great strong taste and again with the added honey it was a win for me.
I'm impressed with the new range from graze, you may notice the portions look quite small but they are very filling. It's a good incentive for people like me that are poor at eating breakfast. I'm excited to see what graze will launch next :) 

If you want to try the breakfast box I have a free code for existing graze box users -just enter the code on

Sunday 10 February 2013

Silent Sunday

Beautiful "Thank you "card from a even more beautiful niece

Graze Box Review

Graze Box is a weekly (or more so if you wish) subscription which delivers healthy snacks to your door.  I decided to sign up in January which seemed a perfect time to fit in with  my obligatory new year diet.  I think their new user offers change all the time but when I signed up I got given my first and fifth box free. The other boxes are charged at a very reasonable £3.89 each including delivery.

You are very much in control of your graze box, you choose what day/s you would like it deliver and you can also rate all of the snacks they offer -Bin, Try, Like or Love. There is also a option on some to select "Send it soon" and they will attempt to send this product to you in your next box. I did do this for one of the products and was very happy to receive it the following week. The Bin feature is also excellent as you can get rid of anything you know you definitely won't like. The only products I initially binned were the ones containing olives but everything else looked amazing!

I chose to have mine delivered on a Monday morning and it is very exciting waiting to see what you have to try in your weekly box. A few of my work colleagues have also joined up so we have enjoyed comparing each other's boxes.

Within your graze box you get a little leaflet which lists what each of the snacks are along with all the other important information: Calorie content etc but it will also tell you if your snack has a particular health benefit
Some contain 1 of your 5 a day, others may be a great source of fibre or contain extra light calories.

I've chosen to do this review on my fifth box which incidentally is probably my favourite, the more  of the products you try the more efficient your rating becomes meaning you're getting more of the foods you love.

I've been having one punnet a day which means I have a Graze Box snack for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I always start with the snack I'm least excited about which was Billionaire's Shortbread although it was a hard choice this week

Billionaire's Shortbread :Fudge Pieces, Blanched Almonds, Milk Chocolate Drops and Cranberries. The health benefit for this one is that almonds are the highest fibre nut. The mixture of the flavours worked really well and it makes for a very healthy snack which still feels naughty enough for it to taste good. The Fudge was really lovely and probably my favourite part of this one.

On Tuesday it was the Salt and Vinegar Nut selection - a clear favourite for the week!
Salt and Vinegar Almonds and Peanuts- another one full of fibre. As soon as you open the punnet the smell of salt and vinegar fills the air and straight away reminded me of fish and chips- this is obviously a much more healthy alternative. The flavours are really strong and it's just really tasty - can't say enough good things.

Wednesday's snack was The Herb Garden

Herb and onion peanuts, baked herb bites and oregano rice crackers - this was the lowest in calories of my snacks this week at 91 calories. This is another very tasty if not noisy snack! You can definitely taste the herb and I was a bit worried about stinking out the office with this one - the nuts were the nicest and could easily eat a punnet full of them.

Final Snack for the week Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack

I've previously tried the fruit and seed flapjack and thought that tasted incredible and definitely made me want to try the rest of the flapjack range. The Apple and cinnamon one I'm not so keen on but that's just personal preference. As with all their foods the flavours are lovely and strong and you can pick out the apple and cinnamon so clearly. I love that you get three bite size portions too.

I've really enjoyed having my graze box and think it also gives you an idea of healthy snacks you can buy yourself to enjoy during the week. I really wish the box contained 5 punnets so that it would keep you going for a full working weekend but overall a very satisfied customer

If you want to try Graze box you can use the following code which lets you try your first box for free


Thanks for Reading

Ceri xxx

Thursday 7 February 2013

First Blog

To anyone that may come across this, this is my very first blog. I've been inspired by my big sisters who have had their own blogs for a while now so I thought I'd give it a try :)
I'm Ceri, 26 years old and live in beautiful Pembrokeshire. I'm a Girly girl who loves make up, clothes and anything pretty. I'm a extremely proud auntie and one of my favourite things to do is spend time with my adorable nephew and nieces.
Things you can expect to find:
I'm a YouTube addict who can spend hours watching the "beauty gurus" (I hate that term lol) but would never in a million years be able to do that myself so I expect my blog might be very influenced by the kinds of videos I watch. Reviews, OOTDs, tags and hauls etc.
There will be some blogs about everyday life thrown in for good measure too.

Love Ceri